MI Compendium of Systematic Reviews

Minimum Intervention (MI) in Dentistry

The MI Compendium online

The MI Compendium is provided by Midentistry cc and constitutes an online register for systematic review articles that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. All reviewed topics are exclusively related to the concept of minimum intervention (MI) in dentistry.

MI follows the 3-step philosophy of disease risk assessment, early disease detection and subsequently possible minimally invasive treatment. In order for MI to be widely adopted, claims regarding its benefits need to be based on strong evidence. Systematic reviews have been recommended as providing the best source of evidence to guide clinical decisions. Since 2005, the MI Compendium has developed as the leading online source for such MI related evidence.

The MI Compendium provides evidence from

(i) Comparisons between restorative materials in their efficacy concerning aspects such as their caries preventive effects, pulp friendliness, etc.

(ii) Topics related to other materials and products related to MI

All systematic reviews, included in the MI Compendium, are exclusively of quantitative nature (with or without meta-analysis) and follow QUOROM/PRISMA recommendations. Systematic reviews are listed together with published (1) Systematic review updates; (2) Commentaries and (3) Documents relevant to the clinical application of the systematic review evidence in daily dental practice.

The MI Compendium is continuously updated and provides for all systematic reviews; systematic review updates; commentaries and clinical documentations:

(i) Full article references in journals;
(ii) Links to article abstracts online;
(iii) Article transcripts in English, Spanish, German and Chinese (as free downloadable PDF files).

All content of the MI Compendium is freely available online and does not require login or online-authentication.

For further information concerning the academic aspects and accolades of the MI Compendium, please contact:

Dr S Mickenautsch, BDS, PhD
Division of Public Oral Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand
7 York Rd, Parktown/Johannesburg 2193, South Africa
Email: info@mi-compendium.org


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